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Our logo is to honor our relatives; the Buffalo Nation, The Thunder Nation, and the Eagle Nation.

From the beginning of time, the Buffalo has been one of the closest relatives of the Lakota People. The buffalo bull always protected the females and calves that were vulnerable to attack. The cows represented generous and industrious natures. The buffalo bull would prepare for battle by pawing the earth and throwing dust into the air which associated it with the Thunder-Beings.

Lightning is the symbol of Thunder Beings and the West. Thunder is the voice of the Thunderbird and lightning flashes from its eyes. It can bring destruction yet it brings life-giving rain to replenish the earth and gives life to all the living things.

The Eagle flies high and represents lofty thinking, it carries our prayers to the Creator for us and its feather represents accomplishment and brave deeds. Whistles are made from the eagle’s wing bones and the sound of the whistle was associated with the power of the Thunder.

A prophecy states that when the last of the “wild buffalo” dies so shall the Lakota people. Those buffalo reside in Yellowstone. Not only is everything related it is also interdependent.

The lightning as the backbone represents life force and is connected to the four directions. The eagle feathers represent the eagle and all things above which include the power of the sun, the beauty of the sky, and the air that gives us breath. There is a buffalo in the stars and there are three stars that are a part of a constellation, that make up its backbone. There are three locations in the Black Hills that correspond to those stars. This illustrates a direct connection to the Black Hills.

Our “Lightning Buffalo” demonstrates strength, power and life.








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